head-massagMy name is Sepheryn and I am based in Dubai, UAE. I have a high level of experience in the health and fitness industry and I am a qualified ITEC massage therapist with over 8 years experience in international hotels. My massage experience and fitness training gives me a fundamental understanding of the body and the impact our work and home environment has on our physic.

What is Holistic massage?
In brief, the word ‘holistic” means whole. The idea of holistic Dubai massage is not only to alleviate aches and pains or stresses and strains. But to establish the cause of these symptoms enabling a more sympathetic treatment, aiding the re balance of body and mind.

Who will benefit from massage treatments ?
Just about anybody, whether recovering from illness, injury, jet lag or you have muscle soreness, stiffness or emotional stress. Even if you just want to be pampered, a massage treatment is a wonderful way to relax your mind and leave stress behind. Why not book a free consultation, I am very friendly and not at all scary so what have you got to lose?